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Times+ members can enjoy an exclusive private view of the new First World War Galleries at IWM London on Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

The new First World War Galleries will tell the story of the First World War through the lives of those who experienced it on both the front line and the home front. Drawing on IWM's unparalleled First World War collections, objects both large and small will feature, from artillery guns, weapons and uniforms to personal love letters, photographs, art and film.

The Galleries will include interactive digital displays and immersive spaces such as a recreated trench featuring a Sopwith Camel fighter plane swooping low overhead and a Mark V tank looming from above.

As you explore the Galleries you will uncover some of the big questions and choices - ordinary and extraordinary - that the people of Britain and its former Empire experienced in the face of the first 'total war'.

Tickets are limited and cost £18 which includes a talk by James Taylor-historian for the First World War Galleries, refreshments, and a 10% discount in the shop.

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