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Just wanted to scream this out loud, IT IS GREAT TO BE BACK. I've re subscribed after having two years off for a vacation. My second week, yet I've been cinema at the weekend with my lovely children to watch star wars . I've downloaded the free ebook and I've managed to join the times bookclub, almost ready for the times live chat tonight. I've also booked the Manchester private event at the museum. Lastly, I've booked the special event at Liverpool for Q & A plus concert with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. I can not wait to spend some quality time with my children and have abit of me time to. Ohh, and thank you times plus for keeping the great service you had and adding a few fabulous extras. A proud times ex member and current member xxxx

Dolly Sharif Mughal

Thanks Times+ for the preview of The Big Short in London last night. It was a very entertaining and instructive film which manages to provide a digestible perspective on the story of the 2008 financial crisis.


I went last night, courtesy of Times+, on a private tour of the warehouse belonging to Angels, the theatrical costumiers. It was very interesting, we could all have spent at least twice as much time there.

Eve Hyde

Thank you Timesplus for two good films this week, Fear of 13 and Room, both very thought provoking and harrowing.


Just want to say, 'thank you' Times+ team for another year of great opportunities.


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