Claim your 180 summer flowering bulbs

Acidanthera-murilae.jpgAllium-Moly.jpgAnemone Blanda-5KA.jpgBrodiaea-Queen-Fabiola.jpgFreesia_mix.jpgCROCO-LUCIFER.jpgLiatris-spicata.jpg

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Claim your 180 summer flowering bulbs, worth £27.45 - all you have to pay is postage.

The collection includes seven of the most popular and colourful flowering bulbs: Acidanthera, Allium Molly, Anemone blanda, Brodiaea, Crocosmia, Freesia and Liatris, . Plant them amongst perennials for a pop of colour or in borders and patio pots for a bright display. Supplied as bulbs. These bulbs can be planted straight away, but will be fine to plant right through to late April. The bulbs will begin to flower in 10-12 weeks, although it will vary for each variety with the final flowers coming in July to August.

  • 10 acidanthera
  • 60 allium moly
  • 15 anemone blanda
  • 60 broadiaea
  • 3 crocosmia
  • 20 freesia
  • 12 liatris

To claim your free collection, just pay £5.65 to cover postage.

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Offer 1: Buddleja ‘Buzz Indigo’ - Buy 1 for £7.99 or buy 3 for £9.99
Dusky, deep blue flowers flourish on short, bushy plants that never grow more than 4 feet tall. Height and spread: 120cm (47"). Supplied as a jumbo plug plant.

Offer 2: Polianthes tuberose - buy 5 for £9.99 or buy 10 for £14.99
Spikes of intensely fragrant, waxy white flowers are produced throughout summer, which make enthralling cut flowers. The semi-double, fragrant tuberose flowers of this relatively unknown bulb are carried above narrow, lance shapes leaves. Perfect for growing outdoors in containers or sheltered sunny borders. Height: 120cm (48"). Spread: 15cm (6").

Offer 3: Nerine Bowdenii ‘Pink’ - buy 5 for £9.99 or buy 10 for £14.98
This autumn flowering Nerine (also known as Guernsey lily) bears bright pink, blooms on sturdy stems that make dramatic cut flowers at a time when other blooms are scarce.  This RHS AGM species is best planted in tight clumps for a dramatic late season display. Bulb size: 12/14cm.

Offer 4: Hellebore ‘Black Swan’ - buy 1 for £12.99 or buy 2 and get one free for £25.98
This classy performer deserves a place in every garden as the star winter attraction, holding its jet-black blooms up for all to see Height and spread: 60cm (2'). Supplied as a 7cm potted plant.

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  1. Your free bulbs will be dispatched in February/March 2017. 
  2. In the case of high demand, Thompson & Morgan reserve the right to supply alternative varieties.
  3. Please note that your contract of supply is with Thompson & Morgan, Poplar Lane, Ipswich IP8 3BU, company reg no. 358372.
  4. Terms & Conditions available upon request.
  5. All offers are subject to availability.
  6. Offer closes March, 17 2017
  7. If you have any queries relating to this offer please call 0844 573 6016 quoting the promo code