A mid-career masterclass: How to reboot your career & reinvent your future

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Are you at a mid-career milestone? Join our masterclass led by expert career coach Zena Everett, on Wednesday, January 27 which has been designed to help you establish what you want to do next and how to get it.  

Our careers often define how we see ourselves, and how we determine success in our lives, but as we gather experience over the years we can find ourselves at an impasse as to how to move forward.   

Whether you want to keep climbing the corporate ladder, or need help to get back on it after redundancy, furlough or a career break - or whether you’re wanting to make the decision to go freelance or do something completely different - we all need a little help to define our value as we progress or change careers.

This will be a lively, interactive session, for mid-career professionals. The techniques explored will show you how to work out what you want and how to ask for it.

We’ll discuss job hunt saboteurs and other common career problems such as:  What makes you better than the rest of the shortlist, to make you the obvious, no-brainer candidate?  Why should someone hire you, promote you or use your services?  What’s your unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience and networks?  What are ‘transferable skills’ and how can you figure them out? What’s the mysterious ‘hidden job market’ and how do you access it?

Our 2 hour masterclass will be a mix of tutorial and exercises, with ample opportunity for a Q&A with Zena Everett for the last 30 minutes.

At the end of the masterclass you will know how to:

  • Define your unique skillset and sell yourself  - without sounding cheesy
  • Craft a punchy LinkedIn profile and CV
  • Write a powerful personal statement
  • Understand your shadow strengths – what got you here might not get you there
  • Feel less stuck and more in control

Zena Everett is an in-demand leadership coach and speaker on career strategy.  Her philosophy is that career success comes from flipping the focus away from you and instead to focus on the value that you, uniquely, offer. She’ll help you to find meaningful work by defining your contribution and to create opportunities for yourself, rather than competing in the same pond as everyone else.  Her process is empowering, fun, and it works.  She is author of Mind Flip: Take the Fear out of Your Career and her next book, The Crazy Busy Cure, will be published in summer 2021.  

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