Brains, resilience and high performance: manage your mindset to be happier and more successful

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Join leadership coach Zena Everett for an in-person masterclass, held at The Times HQ in London Bridge, to help you build your resilience for peak performance and wellbeing.

Our brains are our greatest asset. How well do you take care of yours?  We rely on high-functioning brains to make decisions, grasp complex problems and come up with creative solutions quickly. At the same time, we have to regulate our moods and emotions while maintaining a resilient, flexible mindset. Resilience is the ability to endure challenging situations and use them to build prosperity. How clearly do you think under pressure and respond to endless challenges at home and work?

Neuroscience proves that a strong gut–brain connection makes people more resilient to stress and to a range of mental and physical health problems. 24/7 demands mean many of us neglect this powerful brain–body–gut connection. We wake up tired and attempt to perform at our best without proper rest, refuelling, hydrating or oxygenating. You wouldn’t drive your car without adequate fuel, water, oil and an annual service; but do you treat yourself with the same care?

This fascinating and fun masterclass will combine concepts from neuroscience, organisational psychology and cognitive-behavioural coaching to help you come up with some practical strategies to promote your neuro-plasticity, resilience and wellbeing.

You will:

  • Identify your values and where you find meaning
  • Gain an understanding of the neuroscience of peak performance and the brain–body connection
  • Understand the ability to make work/life blend improvements, and increase your resilience and wellbeing
  • Gain the ability to work in flow, focus on priority work and remove distractions
  • Learn an appreciation of models for managing emotional responses at work: who triggers us and why?
  • Gain an understanding of cognitive behavioural models for managing potential stressors
  • Recognise the signs of burnout

This workshop is suitable for anyone looking to set up conditions for peak performance and wellbeing. It will be especially useful for anyone adjusting between virtual work and returning to the office, needing to re-establish boundaries and good health habits.

About your tutor:

Leadership Coach and Speaker Zena Everett is the author of Mind Flip, Take the Fear out of Your Career and the best-selling The Crazy Busy Cure (nominated for the Business Book Awards 2022). Originally a recruitment entrepreneur, Zena sold her business in 2007 then studied an MSc in Career Management and Coaching.  She then took further post-graduate qualifications in psychological coaching and leadership with neuroscience (MIT Sloan Business School).   She has coached on the Executive MBA Programme at Oxford University’s Said Business School and is an Associate Lecturer on Crazy Busyness and Guts Brains & High Performance at Henley Business School.  

Here's what participants of Zena's last course told us:
"Zena is a dynamic , engaging, absolutely remarkable coach...I could listen to her all day!!"
"very good practical advice and guidance"
"I thought Zena was very personable and engaging"
"full of practical advice"
Course date: Thursday, October 13, 6.30-8.30pm
Price: £80 (refreshments provided)
Venue: The News Building, 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF.
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