How to shine online: mastering virtual communication skills

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Join international speaker and communication expert, Esther Stanhope, for this ninety minute masterclass in how to hone your virtual communication skills.

As lots of us now choose to work from home or use video calls as a primary tool for business, education or hobbies, the importance of getting your message across in the right way has never been more important. The virtual world is here to stay so it's vital that we’re using it to its best advantage, and understand how to best engage our virtual audience - whether that’s in a one-to-one meeting or presenting to a group.

Are you camera-ready? Are you committing ‘virtual crimes’? This highly interactive and lively workshop will provide you with all the skills you need when it comes to being on camera, and getting the best from virtual meetings. From setting yourself up with the right (low cost) kit,  to having clarity on how to make an impact, knowing how to be ‘camera-ready’ - and perhaps most importantly, how to engage with your audience so they stay tuned.

You will learn:

  • How to own the ‘virtual room’ and be brilliant on camera
  • Learn essential ‘camera-on’ rules (and crimes)
  • How to build a quick rapport remotely
  • How to get the first ten seconds right before people start zoning out
  • Mastering dialling-in etiquette including the dos and don’t of virtual ice-breakers
  • How to look professional; lights, camera, action and strategies for all three
  • Knowing what not to wear - find out which colours can be catastrophic
The course will include tips and tricks that Esther has gained from her experience working in television that will help you make an instant impact with your audience. You will finish this masterclass feeling more confident on camera and energised to enjoy the virtual communications experience.  The session will be helpful to anyone who participates in virtual meetings: from workplace meetings to job interviews to participating in groups or committees.
Esther will answer your questions throughout and there will be an optional additional thirty minute ‘virtual coffee’ for networking and Q&A at the end of the course. After the course you’ll receive a PDF of the slides and a link to download a free copy of Esther’s award-winning audiobook, Goodbye Glossophobia: Banish your fear of public speaking. 
About your tutor

International speaker, award-winning author and communication expert, Esther Stanhope, can make you look and sound confident on camera with her many tips learnt from twenty years in broadcasting at the BBC.  She has worked with leaders from all over the world and interviewed Hollywood stars including George Clooney and Madonna.  Plus, she has hosted over two hundred events and masterclasses with global organisations since lockdown.  Her book Goodbye Glossophobia, was highly commended in the Business Book Awards 2020.

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Course date: Friday, October 7, 10.00-11.30 am (plus optional thirty minute networking and Q&A)

Price: £75

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