An evening with Caitlin Moran

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Watch Hugo Rifkind chat to Caitlin all about Brexit, the future of feminism and smelling of soup.

Caitlin Moran became a columnist at The Times at 18. She went on to be named Columnist of the Year five times and has also been named Interviewer and Critic of the Year. As well as her work for The Times, Caitlin has penned the multi-award-winning bestseller How to be a Woman, The Sunday Times bestseller Moranthology and her novel How to Build a Girl, which debuted at number one.

Her book, Moranifesto, combines the best of her recent, award-winning columns with lots of unique writing on making the world a better place. The book is characteristically Caitlin and tackles topics as pressing and diverse as gaying up the Olympics, affordable housing, 1980s swearing, boarding schools, and why the internet is like a drunken toddler.

All guests received a paperback copy of Moranifesto and had the opportunity to get their book signed by Caitlin at the end of the evening.

Review: Moranifesto

If you like Caitlin Moran you will love how Moranifesto (mostly a collection of her columns in The Times, strung together as a “rallying call for our times”) feels as though she has plonked herself down next to you in the pub and is knocking back gin while holding forth on topics such as high heels, cystitis, the Oscars and FGM.

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