Can Jeremy Corbyn become prime minister?

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Times subscribers joined us at the Brighton Harbour Hotel for our Red Box event which took place during the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.

Matt Chorley, the Red Box editor, and a panel of Times political columnists and journalists including Philip Collins, Lucy Fisher and Rachel Shabi tried to answer the question: Will Jeremy Corbyn be prime minister?

Rachel Shabi, a Red Box columnist, argued that Corbyn was cutting "through a bias in our perception of what leadership is". Like it or not, she says, Labour's 570,000 members could make a "phenomenal difference on the ground".

Lucy Fisher, the Times' senior political correspondent, notes that Corbyn's "avuncular" style contrasted with the "slick", spin-driven campaigns of previous Labour administrations, but warns that his media outings often betray his fundamental lack of understanding of the Brexit debate.

Phil Collins, however, sees Corbyn's "fabulous vagueness" on Brexit as an accidental vote-winner. "It was act of inadvertent strategic genius that nobody had the first idea about Labour's policy on Brexit."

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