Cookery masterclass with Merchant Gourmet

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Join us during February for a series of intimate cookery classes at Grain and Graze in Islington to get your year off to a wholesome and nutritious start. You will touch, taste, smell and cook your way to confidence in the kitchen.

This class offers quick and easy, everyday inspiration for quick, healthy meal choices through various techniques using pulses and grains. You will learn three tasty recipes which will open a gateway to many more midweek meal and weekend delights, along with plenty of tips and tricks that can make healthy and meat-free midweek cooking achievable and exciting.

Led by Merchant Gourmet cook Alex Mackay, who previously headed up the Le Manoir Cookery School and author of The Magic Fridge, the classes have a hands-on approach to learning. Alex, who has received praise from the likes of Delia Smith and Raymond Blanc, will be giving you lots of techniques and tips that you can apply to your everyday cooking. Each student will have their own section to cook in and there will be an assistant to do the washing-up so you only need concentrate on creating.

After cooking the group will sit down and enjoy their culinary delights together over a glass of wine or soft drink. 

Merchant Gourmet, has been travelling the world for over 20 years to find new and exciting ingredients for the nation to cook with, now the UK’s number one pulses and grains and chestnut brand, their range of products include Puy lentils, red, white quinoa and whole chestnuts.  

What's included:

  • Expert tuition with Alex Mackay, for groups of eight people at each session
  • Ingredients and equipment to cook three recipes for you to each during evening or to take home
  • A glass of wine or a soft drink
  • A Merchant Gourmet goodie bag with products, apron and recipe cards
  • A signed copy of The Magic Fridge cookery book by Alex Mackay RRP £26.00

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