How to boost your child’s resilience and equip them to successfully navigate life’s ups and downs with Matthew Syed

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Matthew Syed and Alex O’Connell. Columnist for The Times, Matthew talk about his most recent children’s book Dare To Be You and share advice on how to equip your child with the tools to successfully tackle life’s disruptions. This event took place on Thursday, March 4, 2021.

The pandemic has changed the world as we know it. How do we help our children deal with this disruption? Can we resist the ‘lost generation’ negativity and equip them for success instead? What lessons can we learn from others? Is resilience really the key?

Matthew Syed and Alex O’Connell discuss Dare To Be You, the importance of resilience and diverse thinking, and provide parents with the practical tools required to help their children rebuild confidence in the wake of COVID-19 and overcome their very own ‘Kid Doubt’.

Selected as a Children’s Book of the Week by The Times, Dare To Be You is the much anticipated follow-up to Matthew’s #1 bestselling, game-changing book, You Are Awesome. A charming, informative and inspiring motivational book for children, Dare To Be You draws examples from sport, science and business to empower young readers to follow their own path, love what makes them different, overcome adversity and question the world around them. 

You can read Alex O’Connell’s review of Dare To Be You here.

Matthew Syed is one of the world’s most influential thinkers in the science of high performance, talent, resilience, the power of practice and learning from failure. The bestselling author of Bounce, Black Box Thinking and Rebel Ideas, Matthew is a journalist and broadcaster, public speaker, British table tennis champion and two-time Olympian. His first book for children, You Are Awesome, was the UK’s bestselling children’s non-fiction book of 2018 and won the Children’s Illustrated and Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2019.

Alex O’Connell is The Times arts editor and the editor of the Saturday Review. She also writes features and interviews and is the children's book critic. She lives in London with her three children and has a broadish range: from Mog the cat to David Sylvian... and beyond.

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