Q&A with Tanya Byron

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Times+ members enjoyed an exclusive Q&A with clinical psychologist Tanya Byron on June 25.

Tanya Byron is a clinical psychologist and a professor in the public understanding of science, specialising in working with children and adolescents, with twenty-five years' experience. During her career she has authored an independent government review and advises governments nationally and internationally. She also writes regular columns for The Times and Good Housekeeping and is a broadcaster for BBC television and Radio 4. 

Her latest book, The Skeleton Cupboard, will be published on May 22. With each fascinating and moving story in this book Tanya reveals how she inched her way past the labels of diagnosis, and the often frightening face of the illness, to the real human being. Some of the stories are incredibly sad; others darkly funny – all of them take us closer to a place of compassion and understanding which will change the way we think about mental health.

Tanya was in conversation with The Times columnist and interviewer Alice Thomson.