Speeches that shape the world with Philip Collins

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Join us on Monday, October 30 for an evening with The Times columnist Philip Collins, who will be giving his unique insight into the power of good public speaking, and discussing his new book When They Go Low, We Go High, on the speeches that shape the world. 

Philip will be in conversation with Red Box editor Matt Chorley to share his experiences as a speech writer and his belief that good public speaking can propagate and protect democracy.

In his work as a speechwriter to senior politicians and business leaders around the world Philip has become well versed in understanding what it is that makes a speech great. During the evening Philip will be exploring the ways in which the most notable speeches in history have worked and analysing the rhetorical tricks to uncover how the right speech at the right time can profoundly shape the world.

Philip is currently a columnist for The Times. He was chief speech writer to Prime Minister Tony Blair in 10 Downing Street and has subsequently written keynote speeches for a range of senior politicians, leaders of charities and NGOs and Chief Executive Officers.

Your ticket includes drinks before the talk begins and copies of Philip’s new book will be on sale on the evening. Guests will also have the opportunity to get their book signed by Philip at the end of the evening. 

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