Storytelling with Oscar-nominated writer and filmmaker, Mike Figgis

Online course


Join legendary Oscar-nominated director and screenwriter Mike Figgis on the evening of Tuesday, October 6, for an interactive masterclass on the art of screenwriting and the pivotal role that story plays in the filmmaking process. 

As an early pioneer of digital technology and its power to demystify modern filmmaking, Mike will explain how the script and the central story is key to every great moving picture. 

Paying special attention to the 36 Dramatic Situations, Mike's film-focused version of Georges Polti's seminal book of the same name, those attending will observe a live storytelling session unfold in real time. Using the 36 Dramatic Situations card game which provides a template to create stories in any form, you will watch as the narrative comes together and goes, perhaps, in unpredictable directions - fuelling the imagination and the creative process.

By the end of this two-hour masterclass those attending should have a heightened understanding of the fundamental principles of storytelling in its most stripped back form and leave armed with a toolkit of useful advice on how to get the most out of your own material.

About Mike Figgis

Mike is recognised as a visionary filmmaker who thrives on taking artistic risks, moving from ‘mainstream’ movies such as Internal Affairs and the award-winning Leaving Las Vegas to more eclectic personal films such as; Loss of Sexual Innocence and Suspension of Disbelief. He is a pioneer in exploring the possibilities of digital video technology which led him to conceive of and direct Timecode 2000 the first real time feature film ever made. Alongside making films, Mike has directed episodes of TV hits such as The Sopranos and The Affair as well as Lucretia Borgia for the ENO – the first Opera transmitted live in 3D across the UK.

Figgis has published a number of celebrated books - Digital Film Making has been translated into 10 languages and has become a textbook for students. He teaches at several universities internationally and recently released a book about screenwriting called The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations which comes alongside a set of playing cards used to construct narrative, scenarios or characters. 

A true renaissance figure, Mike received Oscar nominations for Best Director and Best Screenplay for Leaving Las Vegas and continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a working artist.

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