How to appreciate wine with Will Lyons

Online course

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Join The Sunday Times Wine Columnist and Vice President of The Sunday Times Wine Club Will Lyons for an online masterclass as he shares more than 20 years of knowledge and vinous experience to enhance your enjoyment of the world of wine. 

In this straightforward and accessible 2 hour course, Will is going to share with you his lifelong passion, providing you with the essentials on what you need to know to open the doors on your journey to becoming a wine expert. Join Will as he pulls the cork on two bottles of carefully selected wine and explains how to taste wine like a pro giving you the confidence to choose the right bottle.

Travel vicariously along the wine route on a journey to the world’s classic wine regions offering an incisive guide, told through the taste and flavour of their grape varieties. Will is going to be on hand to answer all your vinous questions while bringing you the latest tips of where you should be looking next, sharing his own recommendations of what you should be buying, where you should be looking for quality as well as the wine producers to look out for.

The course will cover

  • How to taste wine like a pro and develop your own sense of taste – giving you the knowledge to choose the right bottle.
  • How to understand the myriad wine styles of the world – an incisive guide to the world’s principal wine regions told through the taste and flavour of the principal grape varieties including both the classic regions of Europe and the new classics of the Southern and Northern Hemisphere.
  • A spotlight on some of Will’s favourite wine producers as he shares the latest inside tips of what you should be buying, where you should be looking for quality as well as his own recommendations of producers to look out for.
  • Q&A in which you can ask our expert all your wine related questions

Tickets cost £90; price includes 2 bottles of wine specially selected by Will, for you to taste and enjoy during the masterclass.  Wine will be supplied by The Sunday Times Wine Club and sent out prior to the course date.

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