An evening with Sathnam Sanghera

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Times subscribers joined us for an evening with The Times columnist and feature writer Sathnam Sanghera who was in conversation with fellow columnist Hugo Rifkind.

They discussed Sathnam’s critically acclaimed book The Boy With The Topknot: A Memoir of Love, Secrets and Lies in Wolverhampton and his experience of having it made into a BBC Two drama, as well as his career in journalism.

His book is an account of his childhood and facing up to a bunch of painful family secrets and truths in his twenties – not least that his father and sister had suffered from schizophrenia – and that he was going to defy expectations of an arranged marriage. Equipped with breathtaking courage and a glorious sense of humour, he embarks on a journey into their extraordinary past - from his father's harsh life in rural Punjab to the steps of the Wolverhampton Tourist Office - trying to make sense of a life lived among secrets.