COVID: WHAT WE HAVE LEARNT with Tom Whipple & Andrew Gregory



Looking for ways to stay entertained and well informed over the next few weeks? We’re here to help. We have gathered together a selection of your favourite columnists from The Times and The Sunday Times to keep you company through a special series of 30-minute online events. Look out for more in our TIMES TALKS series which we will announce over the coming weeks.

Tom Whipple, science editor, The Times and Andrew Gregory, health editor, The Sunday Times have been at the forefront of every Covid related development over the past year tirelessly reporting on science and health. Join us on Wednesday January 20 for your chance to put your questions to them, discover what they have learnt and how they see the year ahead unfolding now that the vaccination programme is being rolled out to the nation. 

Tom Whipple has been covering science for The Times since 2011. His career has taken him to the world's most irradiated nature reserve and the world's hottest sauna. He has travelled to the particle accelerators beneath Cern, and to the summit of Mont Blanc above. He has interviewed Stephen Hawking, dozens of Nobel laureates and Jedward. He has a mathematics degree. Read more from Tom here.

Andrew Gregory is a three-time British Press Award-winning journalist. He is the health editor of The Sunday Times, a contributing writer for The Sunday Times Magazine, and a contributor to the BBC, CNN, and NBC.

Photo credit: Tom Whipple photographed by Jay Brooks.

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