How to be a Beta Male with Robert Crampton

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Subscribers joined us at the News Building for an evening of conversation with Robert Crampton about the beta male.

In discussion with Rachel Johnson, Robert talked about his new book How to be a Beta Male based on his long-running confessional column which appears weekly in the Saturday Times Magazine.

Growing up in suburban Hull in the 1970s, Robert Crampton attended the same school as his future wife. Meeting when they were both eleven years old in 1975, his instant attraction to her was not reciprocated. He has spent the subsequent four decades trying to make her admire him and has written about his efforts, and about his experiences of fatherhood and modern masculinity, in his regular column in the Times Magazine for the last 16 years.

Laugh-out-loud funny and sometimes deeply moving, they chronicle the many highs and lows of daily domestic life in the Crampton household. From family holidays to failed attempts at DIY, from disciplining his children to trying to reign-in his competitiveness, from botox to chest wigs, How to be a Beta Male explores contemporary masculinity in its many guises.