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TIMES TALKS are a series of special 30-minute online events, launched during January 2021 to keep subscribers company during lockdown. We pulled together a selection of your favourite columnists from The Times and The Sunday Times to help you stay entertained and well informed. This event took place on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. 

A sense of style now feels like a distant memory and many of us stare into our wardrobes and feel like they are no longer relevant to our current lockdown lives. How can we get excited about what we wear once again, inject some colour into our clothing and get the very best from the online shopping experience?

Here to offer their guidance are the fashion directors from The Times and The Sunday Times, Anna Murphy  and Jane McFarland, as they answer your questions about what on earth to wear when you have been in nothing more than trackies and slippers for the last couple of months.

Anna Murphy joined The Times as fashion director in 2015, having been the launch editor of Stella at The Sunday Telegraph. She has interviewed the industry’s biggest names and done everything from wearing a frock made of bin bags to attempting the Angelina leg pop. Her book How Not To Wear Black is a guide to finding your personal style and creating your forever wardrobe.

Jane McFarland is the fashion director of The Sunday Times. As well as a weekly Wardrobe Mistress column in Style magazine, she oversees all fashion content across The Sunday Times. She also presents a Wardrobe Mistress video series on Style Play.