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TIMES TALKS are a series of special 30-minute online events, launched during January 2021 to keep subscribers company during lockdown. We pulled together a selection of your favourite columnists from The Times and The Sunday Times to help you stay entertained and well informed. This event took place on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. 

Locking down with your loved one for the last year might have taken its toll on even the strongest of partnerships and navigating dating at a social distance has proved pretty tricky. Here to answer your lockdown sex and relationship questions and to help put your partnership back on track once again are Suzi Godson, sex and relationships columnist, The Times and Matt Rudd, deputy editor and columnist, The Sunday Times magazine

Suzi Godson has written a weekly sex and relationships column for The Times for the last ten years. Suzi is the author of The Body Bible (Penguin), Sex Counsel (Cassell) and the award-winning The Sex Book (Cassell) which has now been translated into fifteen languages.

Matt Rudd is deputy editor and columnist, The Sunday Times magazine which he joined in 2002. Matt's column, Man Trouble, for which he was awarded columnist of the year at the 2019 BSME awards. His book Man Down (Little Brown) was published last year and draws on stories from Matt Rudd's own life, and the varied lives of the other men he has interviewed, he considers what makes the modern man - how the seeds of midlife misery are sown in the school playground and cultivated through adolescence and into adulthood.