Special performance of The Jungle in honour of AA Gill


Join us on the evening of Wednesday, June 27 for a special performance of The Jungle at the Playhouse Theatre in honour of AA Gill. This will be a unique opportunity to join with his friends, family and colleagues to remember a much loved Sunday Times writer.

The Jungle is a National Theatre and Young Vic co-production with Good Chance Theatre, written by Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson, directed by Stephen Daldry and Justin Martin. The production has been chosen as a place to honour AA Gill, as he visited the Calais Jungle in 2016 to review a refugee camp café for The Sunday Times and met with Good Chance Theatre.

The Jungle tells stories of loss, fear, community and hope, of the Calais camp’s creation - and of its eventual destruction. Be prepared to be transported into the world of the Calais camp, where a community forged from necessity shares its unimaginable stories of hope against all odds. Join the residents over freshly baked naan and sweet milky chai at the Afghan Café, and experience the intense, moving and uplifting encounters between refugees from many different countries and the volunteers who arrived from the UK.

This specific performance will not be open to the general public and limited number of tickets are available, only for subscribers. Included in the package is a ticket in the dress circle, overlooking the dynamic performance space below along with a show programme.

"Isn't this how all places once began? With refugees stopping at a river, a beach, a crossroads, and saying, we'll just pause here for a bit. Put on the kettle." 

- AA Gill

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