How to be a better cook

lindsey bareham.jpglindsey bareham.jpg

At our exclusive masterclass at the Cookery School, The Times cookery writer Lindsey Bareham gave us her top tips on being a better cook.

1. Invest in an easy-to-use knife sharpener and use it little and often. Most accidents result from blunt knives.

2. Bad cooks blame their tools, so update your kitchen kit. A sharp potato peeler, non-stick frying pan, plenty of wooden spoons, several chopping boards, a sieve and serrated spoon are essential basics.

3. Start your cooking by boiling a full kettle; a kettle boils faster than an open pan and most recipes require it.

4. Eat more fish! It’s quick, easy and versatile.

5. Cook for the freezer; roast tomatoes for intensely flavoured sauces, boil up Sunday’s roast chicken carcass to make stock for soups and sauces.